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Connecting Your Brand to the World

 Process: Assessment – Generating content – Strategized publishing – Distribution - Optimization

 The online business communication platform section of Ro.Business is where our team creates, manages and promotes your brand. We’ll build anything from strategy docs to pitches, reports and other business and marketing material.  If the economy is the engine of society then advertising is its fuel. We guide and help industries responsible for creating the future. With a specialized audience of industry influencers and creators, Ro.Business is important for your brand’s awareness level.

 Content formats: Articles, Case Studies, Press Releases, Infographics, Special Reports, Videos.

 Channels: Social Media, PPC, SEO, SMM, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Online PR, Press Release platforms, Online (Display) and Offline Ads,

Online and Offline Marketing Collateral.

We empower the client for positive impact on the world. Through Ro.Business we connect your company to the world to fast-track growth and progress. You’ll enjoy guidance, step-by-step guides, social media promotion, specific and customized presentations in Romanian and English as well as a targeted outreach to the relevant audience. We create your experience by listening to your requirements to project your vision.

We share our knowledge and develop connections across all channels including Print, Digital, Social, Video, Custom (apps), Experiential. Your online presence will be boosted through carefully planned and managed SEO operations handled by Ro.Business’ team of experts.  If you want to stand out from the crowd, contact our sales team and find out more about how we can help you achieve your goals.  

For a preliminary overview of our services please check the below packages comprising: Silver, Gold and Platinum. You can access the trial version for 1 month free of charge, after which you can enjoy the benefits of your selected media and online kit.


Ro Business silver kit.png

Our Silver business media kit is designed for start-ups and small businesses with limited financial resources and need help to expand their brand awareness levels, SEO ranking, as well as basic branding products:

2 press releases provided by the client and distributed to over 40k influencers, 10mil unique visitors, 3500 journalists and bloggers;

Limited PPC & SEO;

SMM for 1 social media channel;

1 online display ad;

1 corporate brochure.


Ro Business gold kit.png

Our Gold Business Media Kit is crafted for medium to large enterprises looking to outsource their entire online and offline branding and marketing strategies and operations:

6 press bespoke releases distributed to over 40k influencers, 10 mil. unique visitors, 3500 journalists and bloggers;

Content marketing : 1 art/ week about the company products/services;

Budgeted PPC & SEO;

SMM for active Facebook, Instagram, Linked-In accounts;

Email Marketing resources;

4 Newsletters;

Online PR (various press platforms on the local market and international);

5 Online display ads;

1 corporate presentation. 


Ro Business platinum kit.png

Our Platinum Business Kits are extremely customised and cover the most demanding requirements of top industry leaders. You can combine both the Silver and Gold packages as well as add any other option of your choice.

You’ll enjoy the full range of available online and offline corporate branding avenues and channels as well as premium CEO branding – LinkedIn (Premium profile).

Get in touch now to thrive in your industry sector.

The custom publishing and marketing section within Ro.Business creates content which engages business owners and escalates the conversation for your brand. Our partners are premium online advertising platforms including online networks such as Amazon Prime, Netflix and Youtube.

Reach your target audience through specific channels and make your voice heard to relevant prospects. 

Contact our specialists to receive the right insights and tailor your media kit for maximum exposure and optimum ROI.