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Is it All About VAT for the Leaders of the Automotive Industry? Insights into Jaguar Land Rover, Autohaus Tabor and Aucotras GmbH (2nd Chapter)

The transaction between the Romanian client and Autohaus Tabor Gmbh involves a Jaguar Land Rover authorized dealer in Hungary and Aucotras Gmbh, a fraudulent German trader. How does Jaguar Land Rover and Tata Motors react? With dismissal and rejection of acknowledgement. The UK-based luxury vehicle manufacturer is led by CEO Dr Ralf Speth who has redirected all of the client’s inquiries and requests for assistance to amicably settle the case to the European Customer Service Department.

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Jaguar Land Rover – Covering its tracks in the EU (1st chapter)

During December 2018, a Romanian client purchased a Jaguar XE model from Autohaus Tabor Gmbh, a famous vehicle dealer in Germany. Little did the client know that the vehicle would prove to be a fraud risk, financial liability and would bring damages to its reputation through direct association with a German company which underwent fraud investigation for EUR 10 mil.

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