Jaguar Land Rover – Covering its tracks in the EU (1st chapter)

During December 2018, a Romanian client purchased a Jaguar XE model from Autohaus Tabor Gmbh, a famous vehicle dealer in Germany. Little did the client know that the vehicle would prove to be a fraud risk, financial liability and would bring damages to its reputation through direct association with a German company which underwent fraud investigation for EUR 10 mil.

Not so German after all…

The client found the vehicle marketed on the online platform at a 40% discount, a one day registration and with only 10 km on board. After carrying out the necessary due diligence procedures required by Raiffeisen Leasing SA and Autohaus Tabor, the client went to Germany to pick up the vehicle.  

Upon arrival, although the transaction was clearly carried out by the Romanian company, Autohaus Tabor registered the vehicle on the personal name of the administrator, without his consent.

Once the client returned to Romania, the missing specifications led to a detailed inspection of the car with the Romanian authorized dealer, Premium Auto SRL. The dealer confirmed the client’s findings. ț

Links with a German company investigated for 10 mil EUR fraud

Considering the problems already faced, the Romanian client commenced serious investigations of the car’s history. What it discovered was that the car had been previously registered on Aucotras Gmbh, which was investigated by the German Prosecution Office for EUR 10 mil fraud.

Also, the registration was made before the PDI (pre-delivery inspection) performed in Hungary, where the vehicle originated from. The voice features in Hungarian language prove that this car was manufactured for the Hungarian market and not for export purposes to a non-authorized Jaguar dealer, namely Autohaus Tabor Gmbh.  

Misleading advertising and bait marketing by the German trader

The Jaguar XE was marketed on online platform as having 10 km on board and with the specifications which were proven to be missing. When the vehicle was handed over to the Romanian client, it showed an actual 170km on board.

The client brought the entire situation to the attention of the UK Jaguar Land Rover management, including the CEO dr. Ralf Speth, the management of Tata Motors, and the Hungarian dealer Autopalace Buda Kft. All of these entities failed to bring clear explanations about the vehicle’s actual status and its history, which led the client to request the intervention of the competent European and domestic authorities in Romania, Germany and Hungary.

RO.Business contacts Jaguar Land Rover and Autohaus Tabor

In an effort to prove our transparency and correct conduct, we contacted the UK Jaguar Land Rover team, the German trader Autohaus Tabor Gmbh as well as the Hungarian Jaguar dealer inquiring about the situation involving the Jaguar XE.

The management of Jaguar Land Rover in the UK redirected our inquiries to their European customer department, one Autohaus Tabor Gmbh’s owner had a defensive reaction towards our questions, while the Hungarian dealer provided no feedback at all.

We will publish further in-depth details about each aspect involving the Jaguar XE to prove how a British luxury car manufacturer understands to abide by the European commercial standards, rules and regulations and how German companies understand to do a fair and transparent business.

Could this have any connection with the Brexit? Or is Jaguar Land Rover concerned about losing the EUR 125 mil. European funding in Slovakia for its new manufacturing plant and that’s why they’re avoiding to comment directly?