The Innovative and Industry Disrupting Healthcare Centre for the Military Veterans in Eastern Europe


Intercorp Holdings Joins Forces with Romania’s Military Veterans

Romania has been implementing a military healthcare system transformation for the past few years, determined by the association with various international defense and security organizations. However, Romania’s military veterans are still facing significant challenges when seeking out solutions for their health problems.

In a joint effort to overcome this barrier, the Romanian Association for Military Veterans and Veterans with Disabilities (A.M.V.V.D) and Intercorp Holdings S.A. are building a fully rounded and innovative healthcare and recovery centre in Romania to serve the national military veterans and their family members. But, considering that in Eastern Europe there is no such healthcare facility, foreign military personnel will also enjoy its benefits.

A Brief Overview on the Healthcare Centre

The military healthcare centre which will be developed in Targoviste, Romania, comprises two buildings which require a complete facelift, refurbishing and modernization for innovative and specialized equipment to be installed to support the centre’s premium quality medical amenities and services.

Extremely skilled and trained personnel will provide high-performance services covering the main medical sectors such as traumatology, neurology, psycho-psychiatry, internal medicine (cardiology), surgery and orthopedics to both military veterans and to their family members.

Also, the military hospital facility will help the family members of deceased military personnel through supportive therapy and finding the best solutions for their treatments.

Research & Development

The healthcare centre will include a research and development department in proof of its commitment to the Romanian military veterans. Because medical research is an integrating part of healthcare the centre will employ top-quality staff and technology to discover better and optimum medicines for existing diseases and to prevent changing diseases scenarios.

As proven by all stakeholders of the healthcare industry, medical research is mutually beneficial to both patients and doctors as well as to society.

Although it’s a challenging task, the healthcare centre will venture in this sector to ultimately develop a research culture in non-academic hospitals. The performance of the department will be supervised by competent staff in Romania and from abroad.

What Benefits are Available for the Military Veterans?

The 50,000 members of the A.M.V.V.D and their families will enjoy the top-quality rehab and recovery solutions provided by the centre at special tariffs.

The discounted rates will be guaranteed by various contracts to be signed with the competent government health insurance organizations such as the National Health Insurance House (CNAS) and the Public Order National Security and Judicial Authority Health Insurance House (OPSNAJ). However, the level of the discount for medical products and services offered to patients depends on whether their veterans or civilians.

To streamline healthcare connected processes such as prescription refills, trackers, reports, appointments and the evolution of patients’ recovery, special software solutions will be implemented by the centre and used by the military veterans.

And, through an online platform, veterans can enter their personal data into journals and track their health metrics, various imaging and report to review the status of their wellbeing.    

Health tech Solutions and Telehealth (Virtual Healthcare) For Critical Areas

Technology is well underway in transforming the healthcare industry. Whether it’s used to share information between patients and doctors, or to assist in high-risk medical surgery, the dynamics of health tech is clear.

The veterans’ healthcare centre in Targoviste will use various technology and software solutions to break the static barriers of the system in Romania such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Healthcare, virtual reality, robot assisted surgery and clinical quality metrics programs.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based programs, the centre’s staff will be able to quickly diagnose various diseases, strokes, and other critical conditions. AI will also play a major role in clinical decision support, disease management, and patient quality care.

Virtual healthcare, or telehealth helps doctors and patients communicate remotely by using mobile apps, or teleconference systems. However, wearable tech will also be provided to the military veterans to share data with their doctors for better tracking. Telehealth is especially helpful for veterans in critical areas or who cannot reach the location of the healthcare centre in Targoviste, Romania.

To support the training of medical staff, especially surgeons, the healthcare centre will use Virtual Reality to create a multi-sensory experience within a low-risk and realistic simulation. But the military veterans will also enjoy the therapeutic benefits of Virtual Reality during the post-traumatic syndrome and psychological anxiety therapy sessions.

Surgeons working at the healthcare centre will be performing robotic surgeries for better precision, control and flexibility as well as to reduce the risk of infections of the military veterans. Robot-assisted surgeries are also minimally invasive and will help the centre’s surgeons perform otherwise impossible operations.   

To guarantee superior healthcare services, the centre’s management will use clinical quality metrics programs to measure and quantify healthcare procedures, results, patient perception, organizational structure and the capability of the centre’s staff to reach the established health care quality goals.  

A Commitment to the Military Veterans in Romania and Abroad

The healthcare centre in Targoviste, Romania is a joint effort of INTERCORP HOLDINGS and of the Romanian Association for Military Veterans and Veterans with Disabilities (A.M.V.V.D) to transform the domestic healthcare system.

It’s where medical experts supported by innovative technology (health tech and telehealth) will treat military veterans from Romania and abroad by providing fully integrated medical services. And, because the healthcare centre has a holistic approach in the services offered it will also provide rehabilitation and therapeutic treatments for the military veterans and their family members.

“Medicine gives only to those who give, but her reward for those who serve is 'finer than much fine gold.' " — Charles H. Mayo, M.D, founder of the Mayo Clinic.