Is it All About VAT for the Leaders of the Automotive Industry? Insights into Jaguar Land Rover, Autohaus Tabor and Aucotras GmbH (2nd Chapter)

The transaction between the Romanian client and Autohaus Tabor Gmbh involves a Jaguar Land Rover authorized dealer in Hungary and Aucotras Gmbh, a fraudulent German trader. How does Jaguar Land Rover and Tata Motors react? With dismissal and rejection of acknowledgement.

The UK-based luxury vehicle manufacturer is led by CEO Dr Ralf Speth who has redirected all of the client’s inquiries and requests for assistance to amicably settle the case to the European Customer Service Department.

Jaguar Land Rover Denies Any Knowledge About the Real History of The Jaguar XE 

Our team contacted the office of Jaguar Land Rover’s CEO and asked the management to provide relevant explanations about the actual circumstances of the transaction of the Jaguar XE, sourced by Autohaus Tabor Gmbh from Autopalace Buda Kft – Jaguar’s authorized dealer in Hungary.

Although JLR publish and stand by a fully transparent policy, we did not receive any direct response from the CEO’s office. We were later contacted by the Customer Service Department of JLR in Europe who denied any knowledge about the steps of the transactions performed between JLR UK, Autopalace Buda Kft, Aucotras Gmbh and Autohaus Tabor Gmbh.

So, if the manufacturer denies knowing about their dealers’ practices to avoid increased VAT and other taxes, how can customers trust JLR’s dealerships? Shouldn’t JLR’s headquarters look into these non-commercial and faulty practices? It seems they are content only with denying even when presented with evidence such as supporting documentation issued by German authorities.


PDI in Hungary after Delivery to Aucotras Gmbh?

What is PDI? As explained by the Hungarian JLR dealer the PDI is a Pre-delivery Inspection protocol which confirms that a vehicle is compliant from a technical point of view with its specifications.

However, Autopalace Buda Kft performed the PDI on the Jaguar XE after it was registered on Aucotras Gmbh. Or was the registration made only on paper for VAT evasion? Or, was the vehicle, manufactured for the Hungarian market, physically taken to Germany for registration and then returned to Hungary for inspection and then exported back to Germany?


The Romanian Client Reveals

The Romanian client has already taken the necessary steps to uncover what leaders of the automotive industry are practicing at the expense of clients’ worldwide. Considering that Autopalace Buda Kft sold Jaguar vehicles in bulk to Autohaus Tabor we are not certain that this is an isolated case.